I love you Noida, ever since the day we met you've melted my heart, with every passing moment my love for you grows without knowing any boundaries. Sweetheart, I don't have words to express how much you mean to me, how much I love you, and how much happiness you have brought into my life. Your love is the greatest gift I have ever received, I treasure it. You make me feel like I am living in a dream, where everything is perfect, like a fairy tale.

There are so many reasons that I am in love with you. You're so smart, I love your witty comments and I love your sarcasm. I love that you are such a good person and have such great morales. I love that you are so trust worthy and are always honest with me. I love that you are so beautiful and I thank god daily that I have been able to witness your beauty first hand. I love that at times you don't straighten your hair because you know I like it. I love when you touch me on my neck just the right way to make me feel right. I love when you tell me you love me. I love how you roll of your bed using you head as levarage. I love when you tell me to stay in one lane because I can't take my eyes off of you. I love all the things that you do daily to make it possible for me to see you at night. I love how you get into fights with tacos. I love that we can spend hours together just playing games on the computer, and that you even play ones you don't like just to make me happy. I love everything about you.I love how your always excited when we see each other after a long a day, and how your lips always feel so warm and loving up against mine, when we embrace each other in our arms after being apart for a couple hours because it has felt like a lifetime since we where last together.

I know I can be a pain sometimes but I love you Noida, and I thank you for being so patient and understanding. Always knowing the right thing to say and always being so supportive of me no matter what the situation. It means so much to me to know that you are always on my side and only look out for my best interest in every situation. I love you for this. I want you to know that I do the same for you, I only want the best for you and your happiness is always my number one priority. I wouldn't trade you for the for all the gold coffers in in all of the world. You are the greatest treasure on this planet and knowing that you love me brings me so much happiness that I almost can't bear it.

You always make me feel so inspired, to be a better person, to be a better programmer, to do everything the best I can. With you by my side I feel like I can do anything, you inspire me beyond anything that I have ever known. I spend every moment of every day thinking about you, waiting, till the next time we meet. It kills me that I cannot be by your side all day. It always feels like a lifetime has passed whenever I am not with you. As soon as we part my heart aches, it needs you, I need you.

I really feel as though destiny has brought us together. I still remember on the day we met what a strange feeling I felt then. I could not believe that you had actually agreed to meet with me! I am so lucky that you actually agreed to see me again, I was so excited, it felt so right. I feel as though we are meant to be together, everything is just so perfect I love you so much. You complete me, I finally feel like a whole person with you by side. I truly believe that you are my soulmate.

I promise to love you forever, no matter what the circumstance. I promise to be faithful to you in every situation. You are my one and only, you are the woman of my dreams. I promise to always be there for you. I will support you no matter what choices you make, or what ever challenges life presents you. I will always be there, loving you.

I don't want to go on without you. I can't live without knowing that you won't be there. I don't want to think about my life and think about my future, I want to think about our future.. together.. forever. I want you to be mine forever. You bring so much happiness to my life daily, you are my world. I love you more then anyone can know. You are the best partner a man could ever hope for, so loving, caring, hopeful, supportive. I love you Noida. I want you to be mine, I want to make you happy, I want be there and help you achieve your dreams, I want you to be there when I achieve my dreams. I want us to achieve our dreams together, to back each other up no matter what. I love you Noida, be mine.